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23 November 2014 @ 10:48 pm
2014 Pinn & Kinn Big Bang - Posting Schedule & Post Formatting  
As we only have four writers/three fics and three artists completing this year's bang, all stories will be posted on December 5th. The schedule for posting is as follows:

patchfire & raving_liberal at 10AM EST
mousesizedragon at 12PM EST
woodsgal/rosarosa at 2PM EST


Once you have received your assigned date and time for posting, it will be your responsibility to make sure your story is posted within that time window. This allows you to make any necessary edits to your work if you notice errors or wish to make other changes. As explained in the guidelines, all authors must have both an AO3 and a Livejournal account. Stories will be posted in full to AO3 and then linked with a header on the pinnkinnbigbang journal. You should also add your work to the Pinn & Kinn Big Bang 2014 collection on AO3. You may post your story to AO3 up to 24 hours prior to your posting date/time in order to check formatting, tags, embedded art, etc. Please do not post links to your story prior to your posting date/time.

When your posting date/time arrives, you will fill out and post the header (found below), the link to your story, and your artist's art masterpost where relevant to pinnkinnbigbang. All authors be granted posting access to this community for the duration of the posting period.


You may format the text and art within your story however you prefer. However, when you post to pinnkinnbigbang, we require you to use the HTML edit tab on the Post an Entry page, and copy/past the following format:

Title: Story Title Here
Author: Author(s) name(s)
Artist: Artist name
Rating: Please use MPAA ratings [G, PG, PG13, R, NC17] when posting to this community.
Warnings: See P&KBB Policy on Warnings for guidelines.
Spoilers: If your fic contains spoilers through a certain season or episode, please note that here.
Summary: Use your summary from your check-ins or write a longer, more detailed summary.
Title by Author
Art Type by Artist *Please use this field only if you are linking to a masterpost of your artist's art or to a fanmix. If your artist does not have a masterpost of his/her art, and the art is only embedded in the fic, you may delete this field.

Please tag your works with completed works: 2014. You are welcome to include a banner image after your header.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks!
The P&KBB Mods