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27 March 2013 @ 02:10 pm

About The Pinn & Kinn Big Bang

The Pinn & Kinn Big Bang is an annual writing challenge focusing on two relationship pairings of characters from the television show Glee: Puck/Finn and Kurt/Finn. Authors will complete stories of 10,000 words or more over the course of three months, and these stories are paired with artwork in a variety of media created by artists who claim the stories based on summaries.

Final stories will be posted over the course of one to two weeks (depending on the number of works). At the end of the bang, all story links will be compiled into a masterpost. At that point, authors and artists will be free to share their works elsewhere.


  • Stories must be submitted by DATE in order to be included in the Pinn & Kinn Big Bang posting schedule. If you believe you cannot meet the deadline, please contact the mods as early as possible.

  • All Pinn & Kinn Big Bang authors must have a Livejournal account and an AO3 account for ease of posting and editing. If you do not currently have an AO3 account, the P&KBB mods can provide you with a code. Artists are not required to have an AO3 or LJ account.

  • The submitted version of your story should be betaread, polished, and include the artwork from your artist. Graphics and traditional/digital artwork should be embedded in the story; fanmixes can be linked in the header or in the notes (on AO3).

  • Puck/Finn or Kurt/Finn must be the central romantic pairing in your story. Secondary pairings and prior pairings for the characters are allowable, but the primary romantic pairing of the story should be either Puck/Finn or Kurt/Finn. OT3/polyamorous pairings involving Puck/Finn or Kurt/Finn are not allowed in this bang, with the exception of Puck/Finn/Kurt, which technically fulfills both pairing requirements.

  • This bang is open to canon, alternate universe, alternate timeline, and crossover stories. Crossover stories must focus on Puck/Finn or Kurt/Finn as the central narrative. Sequels to previous stories are welcome as long as the sequel can be read as a standalone story and otherwise adheres to the P&KBB guidelines. RPF (fic involving the actors portraying the characters) is not allowed in this bang.

  • All stories must be betaread. If you do not have a beta, you can request help from one at the Beta Request Post.

  • Authors and artists are responsible for all contact between them during the course of the Pinn & Kinn Big Bang. Artists are responsible for getting their completed art to their author. Authors are responsible for providing story drafts to their artist and integrating any final artworks into their story before posting. If you have difficulty reaching your artist or author, please contact a mod.

  • Submitting your summary to the artist claim is a commitment to finish your story. We understand that circumstances arise that can interfere with your ability to finish your story; if this happens, please contact us right away. Dropping from the Pinn & Kinn Big Bang after artist claims with no prior contact with the mods may result in ineligibility to participate in future Pinn & Kinn Big Bangs.

  • While changes can sometimes happen to a story during the editing process, remember that your artist is creating artwork based on the version of the draft s/he received. Out of courtesy to your artist, please try to communicate any major changes to the storyline as quickly as possible.

  • Stories and art should not be posted elsewhere until the bang is over. You can link to your pinnkinnbigbang post to your story before that time, but please do not crosspost your story to other communities or sites before the end of the bang.

  • For more information about the format, requirements, and schedule of this bang, please refer to the FAQ or contact a mod with any additional questions.